About the PGC of East Scotland

The Order of the Secret Monitor opened its first Conclave in Scotland in 1984 with the Consecration of the Scotia Prima Conclave No 323. The order grew rapidly and just eight years later on Saturday 5th September 1992 the Provincial Grand Conclave of East Scotland was consecrated in the Masonic Hall, Lodge Scotia Regia No 2 at St Clair Place, Edinburgh.

The first Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler was R Wy Bro Stanley T. Geddes, who served in that capacity between 1992 and 2001. He was followed by R Wy Bro Norman Collin from 2001-2006, R Wy Bro J Lawrence W Read from 2006 to 2011, R Wy Bro Ian P Duff from 2011 until 2017 and our current Provincial  Grand Supreme Ruler R Wy Bro Morgan McDonald who was installed in 2017.

The Province consists of the Scottish Regions of Angus, Berwick, East Lothian, Fife, Kincardine, Mid Lothian, Peebles, Perth, Roxburgh, Selkirk and West Lothian.

Entry to the Order

Candidates need only be Master Masons in good standing. There are Three Degrees, including the Chair. Regalia for the first two degrees is a breast jewel and upon Installation, the Supreme Ruler is invested with a sash, collarette and robe.

The Order has its central administration in Mark Masons’ Hall, St James’s, London. With the U.K. being divided into 32 Provinces and the rest of the world into Districts, each is ruled over by a Provincial or District Grand Supreme Ruler.