Upcoming Events

Roman Brig Conclave 465

On Saturday 10 August, Roman Brig Conclave will be ‘Admitting’ a new Prince into the Order. Bro Leslie George Fairburn will be admitted by Wy Bro Eric Watson and his team of Officers. Please make every effort to come along on the day and support Roman Brig.


On Saturday 31 August, the Provincial Grand Conclave will host its Annual Meeting in the usual location of Balcarres Road, Musselburgh. This day is always a great, friendly day with friends coming from all over the United Kingdom to be with us. There has usually been approximately 100 attending and dining for this event. A 3 course meal with tea / coffee and cheese to follow combined with copious quantities of various refreshments usually include a lot of banter and joviality for all. If you have not already done so please contact our Provincial Recorder Martyn Greene at his email address of martyn.greene@ukmason.co.uk. The meal is at a cost of £20 payable to Martyn or the Treasurer, Wy Bro Alex Sharp but you must confirm with the Recorder.