On Saturday 9 November 2019 Soutra Aisle welcomed two new Inductees into our ‘Friendly’ Order. Bro James (Jim) G Ure and Bro Angus (Gus) C Milliken were both initiated into the Conclave in an exemplary manner by the team led by the Supreme Ruler R Wy Bro John Muir. John was taking the cahir for a degree for the first time in 30 years within the OSM and he did a marvellous job. I feel sure that Gus and Jim enjoyed the ceremony and we look forward to seeing them become “Princes” in March next year. As this was the occassion of the Annual Visit of Provincial Grand Conclave, I would like to thank all the Officers that did manage along to suport 401 and the PGSR on the day. Grateful thanks is passed onto Wy Bro Ron Thomon who stood in at the very last minute as Provincial DC. Ron you did an excellent job and I am truly grateful.